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RMA Policy

How long does Bointec provide warranty?

We declare that Bointec parts, antenna series and other product line has the following longevity product life cycle:

  • 3(three) years production to supply the market since the product launched.
  • 5(five) years production to supply the customer with a binding forecast.
  • 7(seven) years to maintain the product RMA parts.

With our quality assurance warranty. We promise to offering “3+5+7 product longevity policy”.

What's the RMA Procedures?

RMA rules:

  • Bointec only repair items listed, any product other than listed are not including in this RMA form.
  • Please pack all accessories with the product with the shipping. Please use anti-static bag, and proper packing stuffs, box(s) to warp the product.
    Any further damage during the shipping will not including in this RMA form.
  • Bointec reserve the right to charge inspection if the malfunction product, proven by Bointec inspector, is not defected. Products out of warranty or man-made damage are all charged repair service.
  • Write RMA number on shipping box for Bointec shipping department. Please don’t forget to attach this form with the shipping.
  • Shipping cost will be one way on customer, one way on Bointec.
  • Please ship back within 15 days RMA number issued. Ship out date later than 15 days will re-apply for another RMA number.

Where should I return the defect units back?

Please don’t ship it back to us without a RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Staffs don’t know your purpose to ship it back in the case.

Apply a RMA number from us. And ship it back to Bointec designate distributor. They will ship back to Bointec field support team and doing the maintenance.