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What's B.L.C.S and netREMOCON?

What is B.L.C.S.?

B.L.C.S. is abbreviation of Bointec Light Control System. It is developed by Taijet Bointec Corporation Limited.  The system is to use IoT technology to apply in Smart Home application to control household lamp/light units, in order to turn on and turn off the light units. Additionally, controlled by Smart Devices like mobile phone or tablet PC, it could locally or remotely to control light on or off in a house or apartment..



What is netREMOCON?

netREMOCON is an APP that developed by Bointec. It has Apple iOS edition and Android edition. netREMOCON ® is installed in Smart Devices like mobile phone or tablet PC, in order to control Bointec HC series client device or Bointec HD DTU(Device Terminal Unit) series product.