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DPE809AA antenna connector definition, left and right side?

Bointec Customer Announcement (Cann_v01) Announce type : DPE809AA antenna connector defination
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Bointec Customer Announcement (Cann_v01)
Big Category FAE
Cann No. Cann-16-003
Object(ENGLISH) DPE809AA antenna connector defination
issue/update Date 2016/8/1
information in English DPE809AA, the antenna connector(IPEX), left side is MAIN, right side is AUX. when use WIFI function only, it is 2T*2R, with wifi and bluetooth both activate, wifi use MAIN while bluetooth use AUX
information in Triditional Chinese DPE809AA,  左邊IPEX 是main ,  右邊IPEX  AUX . wifi 單獨使用時是2T2R,  wifi 和bluetooth 同時用, 則wifi 佔用 main,  bluetooth 用 AUX  
information in Japanese DPE809AAは、アンテナコネクタ(IPEX)、左側はMAINで、右側がAUXです。使用の無線LAN機能は、それは両方がアクティブに無線LANとBluetoothで2T*2R、ブルートゥース使用AUXながら、無線LANの利用MAINのとき
information in Other Language1 0
issued by Howard Juang
internal department SGM11,SD11,SG11,RF11,RH11,RS11,
PS1 please refer to specification "Bointec_wifi_DPE809-AA_specification_ENG_v101_140509.pdf"
PS2 no more additional information